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Selecting a Pediatrician is Tough





Whether you're expecting a new baby or you just moved to the beautiful city of Austin, it can be challenging to find a pediatrician who checks all of your boxes and also gives you the sense of a personal connection.


At Bee Caves Pediatrics, we aim to always have your back, while offering you the latest medical information to help you make informed decisions for your family. We promise to always respect your opinions and ensure that you're well equipped to be confident in your healthcare decisions. 


Our practice offers progressive and highly personal care to give your little one the best start possible. We don’t just offer expertise-- we give you and your child our undivided attention and all the time it takes to deliver thoughtful care. Our office visits are unhurried in order to cultivate an authentic relationship with you and your kiddo, also ensuring we're able to get to the heart of your concerns.

We continually improve our services by incorporating modern technologies and up-to-date evidence-based medicine and honor our founding philosophy of providing the highest quality of care with empathy and devotion to you and your sweet family. 

Our mission

Our primary mission at Bee Caves Pediatrics is to provide the highest quality of care and services available in a comforting family-friendly environment.


We pride ourselves on ease of access, prompt courteous service, and responsiveness to our patients’ concerns.


We look forward to helping you raise happy and healthy children!

Some history

Bee Caves Pediatrics has served the Westlake and Austin communities for more than 40 years. Dr. David Ruiz and Dr. Jerry Hudson founded the practice in 1978, which at the time consisted of a small two-room office in southwest Austin. By 1982 the practice had grown considerably and was relocated to Bee Caves Road in Westlake, giving the practice its current name.


In 2006 Bee Caves Pediatrics once again relocated to its current location on South Capital Texas Highway (Loop 360) to better serve not only the Westlake community but all of Austin.










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Our practice was founded

Still going


pediatrician south austin tx

We moved to Bee Caves Road

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We moved to our current location

developmental pediatrician austin tx


Since our founding in 1978, we have cared for two generations of families with our first patients now bringing their own children. As we are now treating a second generation of patients, Bee Caves Pediatrics has also transitioned into a second generation of doctors, Dr. Elena Ruiz and Dr. Lydia Norton, who have taken over the reins of the founding physicians.


Dr. Elena Ruiz and Dr. Lydia Norton continually deliver improved services to their patients by incorporating modern technologies and up-to-date evidence-based medicine, while at the same time honoring the founders’ philosophies of providing the highest quality of care with empathy and 

devotion to our patients and their families. This is a

philosophy shared by every physician at Bee Caves Pediatrics.

Dr. David Ruiz and Dr. Jerry Hudson - Bee Caves Pediatrics

Our founders enjoying retirement

Dr. David Ruiz &  Dr. Jerry Hudson 

All of our pediatricians are board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and have trained in some of the best residency programs in the country. Our physicians are up-to-date on the latest medical standards, incorporating evidence-based medicine, to ensure that your child receives the best possible care.


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Bee Caves Pediatrics Physicians


Pediatric medicine is complex but our approach is simple -- we offer the very latest modern medicine with a big dose of compassion and support. Being parents ourselves, we totally understand and empathize with the challenges that come along with caring for our kiddos. We promise to always support you and ensure that you have the best information possible in order to make informed healthcare decisions for your family. 

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